Move Your Business Forward

At Gallagher Grant we have the skills and expertise to add value to all aspects of your business at any stage in the business lifecycle. We can review your current situation, plan the way forward and assist with execution in the areas of marketing and sales, operations, HR, funding, training, and other ways. Just tell us what you need and we’ll put together a customised package of services to suit.

Business Review

Business Health Check

Discover your strengths and weaknesses, where the gaps and opportunities lie and what needs to be done to take your business to the next level. We’ll review your financials and interview you, your clients, suppliers and staff and prepare a simple report. After discussing the findings, we’ll agree on the best path of growth and what you have to do in priority order to achieve the agreed outcomes.

Business Planning

Strategic Planning Facilitation – Small to Medium Businesses

Bring your board of directors or key business leaders together for a full or half day to brain storm strategy development for the next three to five years.  This process allows all participants to contribute to the discussions and agree on the best outcome for the company. Insights and decisions are captured in a report for you.

Strategic Plan Development

A strategic plan steps out strategies for each year over the coming three to five years, focuses on a very strong vision, reflects on and reinforces the values of the company and the purpose or the reason the company exists. The development of a strategic plan generally follows a strategic planning facilitation session but could also follow an in depth discussion with you, the business owner.

Business Plan Development

Refine the vision, purpose and values of your business and identify the critical issues.  Identify what results you want the business to achieve and set objectives for the next 12 months.  An action plan will identify who is responsible for each task, when it will be carried out and how it will be done.  Financial strategies, cash flow forecasts and a budget are also included.

Financial Planning

Develop financial strategies and goals and turn them into annual budgets and cash flow forecasts so management has set guidelines to follow and total clarity about expectations. We can work with your accountant if required.

Succession Planning

Planning your exit from the business generally starts three years prior to exiting and often involves the key people or family who will succeed the business owners.  Often this focuses on development of systems and procedures within the business to ensure the business is ready for sale when succession is agreed, showing excellent profits and continued growth over that period to ensure a good price is achieved.

Marketing and Sales

Marketing & Promotional Planning

Identify the marketing and promotional strategies that will generate the type of demand you want.  We will review your marketing mix and marketing collateral to ensure it is aligned with the overall business strategies.

Database – Customer Relationship Management Development and On-going Support

Excellent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is essential to marketing success. We can put effective CRM procedures in place, establish and manage a customer database and prepare appropriately worded communication for direct marketing mailings.


Find out if your brand is a weak link in the marketing chain. We will review your brand and examine where and how it should be exposed to existing and new clients.


Systems – Policy & Procedure

Do you want a fully systemised business with very clear policy to support all systems? We can help establish systems, policies and procedures in your business and show staff how you want them followed.

Customer Service Check

Use our full customer service review (including mystery shopping service) to find out how to improve your customer satisfaction ratings. We will find out what customers experience when they contact your business in person, by telephone, email and social media.  After discussing the findings with you, action can be initiated to make improvements.

Risk Management

Identify the risks your business faces and how to eliminate, reduce or mitigate them. We will look at all aspects of the business, identifying the risks and initiating action to minimise or mitigate these risks.

Health & Safety Management

Evaluate the health and safety of your workplace to identify opportunities for improvement and change so the staff within the business are confidently operating in a safe working environment.

Governance – Directorships

Many business owners struggle with the understanding of what governance really is and how to develop a professional Board of Directors within the business. With our involvement as an advisory director we can assist the business owners to develop capability to work on their business in a more professional manner.


Independent Staff Reviews

We can conduct independent, confidential, one on one reviews with each staff member to expose gripes and grizzles and find out what is really going on in your business.  Our report will allow you to see trends and issues you may not have been aware of in detail so you can  take action to address them.


All top performers need a coach.  Our one on one coaching service can help you improve your capability as a business owner in regard to how you operate your business.  This coaching could lead to training through the Success Academy.


Government Grant and Award Application Writing

Applying for government business grants and awards takes valuable time and the outcome is often uncertain. We have a detailed understanding of how to complete the applications you may have the opportunity to apply for. These awards generally are for excellence in your industry, franchise or  the local or regional business awards. We ensure your business has the best possible chance of success. Winning awards proves to your customers that you are the best within your industry.

Bank funding applications

Need to source business finance from a bank? We know exactly what information the bank requires, in what format and can prepare the documentation on your behalf so you have the best possible chance of accessing the funding you need on the most favourable terms.

Equity Sourcing

If you need to source equity we can help you develop a successful strategy and the required budgets and business plan. If necessary we can also write an investment proposal that clearly exposes the investment opportunity and present the opportunity to potential investors (and in some cases source them).


Meet weekly, fortnightly or monthly to get the support you need to ensure you and other people in the business follow through on agreed actions as shown in the critical path in your business plan.


Project Management

Is there is a specific project that you need to delegate to trusted professionals? We can develop a project plan and initiate all of the objectives in that plan to ensure the desired outcome is achieved while you focus on your priorities.

Business Incubation

We offer professional guidance and business resources to business start-ups, potentially in exchange for equity shareholding in the business.

Feasibility Study

A full feasibility study on a particular project, or even a new business, maximises the chances of success. Let us fully evaluate the opportunity and produce the business plan, budgets and cash flow forecasts, including promotional planning.

To find out more please contact us for more information. It costs nothing to ask a question and your first consultation is free!