About Us

Gallagher Grant is a trusted provider of general business management advisory services. When you work with us, you tap into the deep knowledge we have accumulated during more than 20 years consulting across a diverse range of companies and industries.

Based in Canterbury, New Zealand, we are proud to advise some of the most successful companies in the province. We have also forged solid relationships with other leading professional service providers and business organisations in the region including the legal team at Nicoll Cooney Silva, Grow Mid Canterbury, Circle Group, Canterbury Employers Chamber of Commerce, Ashburton Business Association, and South Canterbury Chamber of Commerce.

Our expertise and network grows stronger every year and we look forward to helping your business become the best it can be.

Rob Miller B.Com Partner, Director

Rob has been providing advice and support to businesses for over 20 years. He has worked in Senior Executive Roles with a number of Blue chip New Zealand companies and Multinationals. He has also project managed many and varied types of projects from products, services event development and market development projects for a number of organizations. In addition to Rob’s practical experience he has achieved a Bachelors’ Degree in Commerce (B.Com) with Majors in Economics, Marketing Management and Market Research through the Business School, University of Otago. He has also developed a strong support network for businesses, detailed knowledge of the government funding and government support available to small and medium sized enterprises.

Mary-Anne Gordon-Miller PGDipBusAdmin Partner

Mary-Anne has been providing specialist HR adviser to companies for over 20 years and she has held senior HR roles with some of New Zealand’s Leading brands. Mary-Anne has a Postgraduate Diploma in Business and Administration (PGDipBusAdmin) in Human Resource Management, from Massey University.

Gerard Gallagher, MBA Business Advisor, Executive Director

Gerard has been providing advice and support to businesses for over 15 years. He has owned and operated several successful small and medium-sized enterprises over the past 26 years. He has also project managed contractual business development responsibilities for a number of organizations. In addition to Gerard’s practical experience he has achieved a Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) through Henley Management College in the UK. He has also developed a strong support network for businesses, detailed knowledge of the government funding and government support available to small and medium sized enterprises.

Who We Work With:

At Gallagher Grant & Innovate Canterbury we have helped many Canterbury businesses from a wide range of industries become the best in the region and beyond. Here are a few of their stories.

1. Companies that want to Innovate

We have developed a product and service that looks after your greatest assets Your Knowledge; Your firms Brain, your intellectual property, Human Capital and a place where your company’s ideas are deposited, cared for and nurtured for the future. It takes ideas from the Fuzzy Front End and helps morph them into tangible products and services. It looks after continual improvement innovation as well as breakthrough or disruptive innovation.

It engages all your staff, it breakdown the barriers to change, it will revitalize you your business. It will make your business fun to work at. Give me a call today for a free presentation on 0274533165 and I will show you how we can guide you through how to radically change the way you innovate and rapidly speeding up the process so you can get better returns.

2. Achieving growth through management restructure and capital funding injection

Our client:

Thanks to on-going investment in plant and product R&D, a long established family owned manufacturing company was growing at 10-20% per year. But its goal was to double turnover so the CEO sought our assistance regarding what next steps to take.

Our Solution
  1. Facilitated a strategic planning workshop with the Board of Directors to gain clarity about the purpose of the organisation
  2. Wrote a Strategic Plan and Business Plan that mapped the most appropriate path forward
  3. Prepared an equity investment proposal for the sale of a 25% share of the company enabling it to expand into international markets and free up capital to invest in an expanded management team.
  4. Prepared successful Government funding applications to access NZTE funds to support export drive
  5. Strengthened systems, particularly around administration and reporting
  6. Strengthened governance function, appointing a full board that the CEO reports to monthly.
The Result

The company is well on its way to achieving its goal and has developed its management capability to the point that is no longer reliant on outside management support. The CEO is free to work on the business rather than in the business and is a lot less stressed.

3. Resolving Team Work Issues

Our client:

In 2010 a key team at a large meat processing plant had serious conflict issues. The team was only small (it had four members), but it was critical to the functioning of the entire plant. Management could have stepped in but this approach may have resulted in staff taking feedback personally. Instead management decided to bring in an objective and skilled independent facilitator Gerard Gallagher.

Our Solution
  1. Surveyed the team to determine what outcomes each team member wanted
  2. Briefed management on the situation and the personalities involved
  3. Conducted one day effective communication team workshop
  4. Conducted one on one meetings with each team member
  5. Conducted off-site team building and goal setting team workshop
  6. Provided further support to the team leader
  7. Continue to maintain a ‘watching brief’ on an ‘on call’ basis
The Result

The team has been ‘reset’ and now works together well. One team member has chosen to leave the company and has been replaced by someone who fits well into the team. Thanks to the learning the team leader had done, he recruited a very good candidate who also happened to be management’s preferred choice. There is now a degree of maturity in the team that was not there before the conflict issues arose.

4. Restructuring a Fast Growth Business

Our client

An industrial refrigeration manufacturer, installation and maintenance company was growing very rapidly but needed more resources to keep pace with that growth. With a multi-million dollar turnover, it was no longer sustainable to operate like a small one or two person business. A new structure was required and Gerard Gallagher’s extensive experience in the trades made him the ideal business advisor.

Our Solution
  1. Audited the business to determine strengths and weaknesses, gaps, opportunities and what is needed to get the business to the next level of profitability.
  2. Developed a business plan to refine the vision, purpose and values of the business and identify critical issues.
  3. Reviewed staffing to allow the business owner to see trends and issues in detail.
  4. Provide on-going mentoring around recruitment and management of key new staff with essential skills and experience.
The Result

Six years later the client has a strategy and resourcing in place to maximise market opportunities and is now a market leader.

5. Separating Home and Work

Our client

After nine years running a high growth home-based manufacturing and importing business, our client decided it was time to separate home and work. A new premises was built nearby but the shift magnified the problems faced by many fast growth companies—the need for better staff management and more formal policies and procedures.

Our Solution
  1. Initiated a business health check and prepared a business plan for the next five years to identify current problem areas and plan for the future.
  2. Supported the client to hire additional managers, assisting in practical ways such as writing job descriptions and participating in job interviews.
  3. Helped establish simple practical systems to create more order and reduce fire fighting.
  4. On-going coaching to ensure the owners take the steps necessary to achieve what was agreed in the business plan
The Result

After two years the company has the systems and management team in place required to cope with the huge demand for its products. The business is also more prepared for succession and now looking closely at the development of a succession plan providing a clear exit strategy for the owners.

To find out how we could help your business, please contact us. The first consultation is free!