Change Business Gears

Are you wondering how to take your business to the next level?

Use our experience to turn your growth opportunities into reality. We can work on a particular opportunity for a finite period or assist you on an extended basis addressing challenges across your business. Tell us what you want and we will shape a solution to suit your needs.

Growing pains… finding the right people…working capital squeezed…implementing operational systems? These are just some of the many challenges faced in reaching the next level in business. For more than 15 years Gallagher Grant has been helping Canterbury businesses overcome these and other roadblocks to success.

Some Of The Ways We Have Helped Our Clients

  • Business expansion including a 400% increase in turnover over a five year period
  • Fully divisionalised and systemised business operation, empowering staff to take responsibility for teams allowing business owners the ability to work ON their business
  • Sourced in excess of $500,000 in government grant funding for each of several clients
  • Developed and governed marketing planning process for successful sale for 1500+ tour packages from NZ to Rugby World Cup 2007 in France
  • Planned and managed a business start up sourcing in excess of $2.5M in equity investment developing a new technology through to international market acceptance

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What Our Clients Say

“I would definitely recommend Gallagher Grant because although they are close to and understand business, they are also able to be objective about any business. This means they can come in and identify the areas of the business that need work and also help make the improvements.”

Bruce Corfield
Circle Group

“Gerard has helped us get to the next level in our business which was quite a big step. This has allowed me to concentrate on growing the business rather than putting out fires. Last year our growth was 30%. We wouldn’t have achieved that if we hadn’t put in place a lot of the things Gerard advised us to do in previous years.”

Euan Sparrow
NZ Sock Co

“I like to think of myself as a very capable guy but I don’t have the time do everything. As the business grew I was getting myself into a corner because the operational side was taking up more of my time.

“To take the company to the next level I needed to take on key staff. Gerard helped me understand that and put together a plan of who needed to be put in place and where. Taking on a business advisor is a big step, a big commitment, but as long as there is value in it, the fees are just another investment. Six years on we are now the biggest in Canterbury at what we do by quite a long way and we wouldn’t have grown nearly as quickly without Gerard’s assistance.

“The results are exciting and we want to see how far this thing can go!”

Murray Hollings

“I have worked with Gerard a lot in the past because I know he can be relied upon to deliver the goods, whether it is facilitating a strategic planning session with our highly skilled and diverse board or delivering staff training. I have also referred him to a number of people who have needed assistance. The feedback has always been excellent because although he is empathetic with each organisation, he retains the appropriate level of objectivity required to drive results.”

Wendy Smith
Aoraki Development Trust


“We had a growing business but needed to get a plan and some order and systems in place. Being so busy putting out fires, that wasn’t easy and we tended to procrastinate. It has been good to talk this situation through with Gerard and with his help we have been able to take the required steps. With 13 staff things still get a bit crazy around here at times but we are now a lot more committed to the decisions we make which is great because we are moving forward as planned.”

Trish Crossen
Permbrand SI

“It is easier for someone from outside to come in and call a spade a spade, without, in this case, making the situation worse. Yes it cost money but I viewed it as a training investment and the cost of developing the team far outweighed the costs of not developing them. Considering what the team got out of it, it was real value for money.”

Grant Day
Silver Fern Farms

Contact us today if you want to achieve these types of results! The first consultation is free!